Refierenos un nuevo estudiante y 

recibe una tarjeta de regalo por AUD $70 (*).

Tu amigo tambien gana AUD $70

como reembolso en su primer pago con nosotros.

(*) Redeemable on online credit cards

Minimum study programs:

24 weeks of English
One year of any vocational education course (VET) 
One year of any bachelor degree
One year of any master degree

The benefit will be given when
your friend’s Confirmation Of Enrolment letter (COE) has been provided by the institution and they pay at least 24 weeks of English or one term of VET/ Higher education.

The benefit will be given whe the person posts a review on Facebook or Instagram and share the information to us.

By refering 3 or more students in a period of two months, the referral will receive extra benefits. 

This benefit is not combined with any other offers, we reserve the right to change the conditions of this offer at any time.

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