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Your needs - our support


Education Consultancy

You will receive a free initial consultation and assistance in choosing the school and the field of study.


Visa Process Guidance

You will get professional support during the whole student visa process.


Pickup & Accommodation

You will receive a warm welcome in Australia and also our help in finding your first apartment.


Tips for Travel & Better Living

We will help you make your first steps in Australia and you will be given a lot of valuable and practical advice.


Migration Consultancy

If you decide to stay in Australia, we will give you the best assistance.


Constant Support

You will have professional care and support of our consultants during your stay in Australia.

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Unleash your English

English is the official language of the world and learning it is essential to progress in your career. What better way to learn English than doing it in an English speaking country? You will study it in class, practise it outside with other international students and before you know you will be conversing fluently in English. We have courses for all levels from beginner to advanced.

Prepare better, score more

If you wish to study in an Australian university or live in Australia, you will be required to pass one of the recognized English exams like IELTS or Cambridge. Depending on whether it is for academic purpose (university) or general purpose (Permanent Residency), we can recommend specialized courses to help you prepare and pass the required exam. These courses help you identify your weak areas and practise more on them.

Become your own tour guide

Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries today. Apart from providing exciting jobs, it offers the opportunity to travel around the world and meet amazing people. This course helps you understand the basics of tourism industry and gives an insight into the opportunities it offers. Once you complete it, you can choose to become a travel guide, consultant or tour coordinator.

Learn the tricks of the trade

Marketing plays a crucial role in the success of any company- big or small, public or private sector. This course helps you to learn the basic techniques and strategies of marketing like market research, understanding customer needs, using different marketing tools or preparing advertising campaigns. On completion you will have a good, practical knowledge of how marketing activities influence the company’s expansion.

Where numbers matter more than words

You like numbers? Always calculate your expenses? You should think about accounting and became a dedicated accountant or bookkeeper. In this course you can learn about various topics like financial accounting, tax, annual plans and reports. You can gain a strong base in practical applications and theoretical principles.

Let’s talk business

If you are someone with a great idea to start your own company or passion to manage a huge business or both, this course is for you. With this course you will gain a good insight about how to set up and operate a small/medium company. It also gives you a basic idea about the functions of different divisions like marketing, accounting, finance, project management, human resources, etc.


Grzegorz Kasperczyk

From Poland

I’d like to express my sincere appreciation for all the efforts, the patience and the most professional approach during the whole student visa process. Mrs. Magda and Mr. Wojtek are a reliable team of professionals who have got what it takes to guide and support you from the very beginning.


John Cardenas

From Colombia

When I came to Australia I needed advice on my student visa application. I have consulted the advisors working in Open Conexus. They have offered me the best assistance and support and I would surely recommend them! I am from Colombia and living in Australia has been one of the best experience I have ever had.


Maria Emilia

From Argentina

I’ve got my Higher Education Student Visa thanks to the impeccable assistance of the Open Conexus team. Not only they helped me gathering all relevant info and documentation, but also they supported me during the entire application process in a professional and trustworthy way.